Types of Instagram followers

In this day and age, where social networking is the norm and where most of us have accounts on more than one social network, handling friend requests and follow requests can be a difficult task. We have this habit of adding a lot of people without actually knowing who they are. As it stands, all these people have different personalities and are easy to differentiate from each other. We'll be discussing the various personality types of Instagram followers that are common to almost every person being followed.

The Excessive Hashtagger

Everyone has had a chance to see this type of follower in action. People coming under this category have a habit of using an average of five to ten hashtags when they comment on your photos. They use these hashtags in place of sentences and the best part is that most of these hashtags are hilarious.

The Silent Observer

Another stereotype that is often seen (or more accurately not seen) on Instagram is the silent observer. The silent observer never likes your pictures and never comments on them. They silently follow you and their loyalty is not to be questioned despite an absence of any comments and likes.

The Poetic One 

Have you ever seen those people who can weave deep poetic verses out of nowhere to go along with your picture? We sure have – on Instagram. These are the ones who just wait to be inspired by the look on your face or the photo you've put up so that they can let their creativity flow into the comments on your picture.

The Hermit

So that you don't confuse yourself, let me make something clear - the hermit is not the same as the silent observer. The silent observer never shows any sign of their presence on your profile. The hermit, on the other hand, remains inactive for the most part but, once in a blue moon, deems your photos worthy of a like or, if you're really lucky, a comment.

The Ego-Booster

There are always some followers who do everything in their power to make you feel good. They praise your pictures enough to raise your morale but not enough to seem fake. These people are the best kind of followers you could ever have.

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We're pretty sure there are a lot more personality types out there that haven't been mentioned here. Even so, with the information you have now, you can easily classify your Instagram followers into one or two of the categories described.

Types of Instagram followers